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3 reasons why campus relationships fail.

Many campus students usually know that campus relationships won't lead them anywhere like marriage but despite this many students usually jump into relationships thus making them to fail terribly at their final exams.

This article is intended to enlighten students why they should not enter into campus relationships, as this might make them to loose academic purposes.

1.Dating is a source of distraction.

Many students usually think that they have alot of free time at campus but this may not be true.campus life usually have busy schedules like doing research, attending lectures, attending group discussions, finding job internship. Thus adding one task to this busy academic schedule may make you to loose academic focus and goals.

2.Both patterns tend to immature.

Sometimes young adults at campus are likely to make irrational choices either based are most on emotions or myopic views thus falling into a wrong relationship.

3Relationship requires more than you think.

Relationship requires more than you just time at times relationships requires money as well. And since there is a strong tendency that you are dependent on parents or a siblings for your upkeep money. Spending the little money on your boyfriend or girlfriend may make you broke at campus as you are trying to "spoil" your partner

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