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5 Signs you are Destroying your Relationship

Addiction to gadgets

In the current world, we use our gadgets to handle various tasks like purchasing, browsing, calling an even chatting. Spending so much time on your devices is not a good habit; it can lead to an addiction and ruin your relationship with other people. If you are addicted to gadgets, you can try to resist this situation by reading books or making plans for the day especially on your free time

Being unable to set priorities

There are some people who are very busy throughout the day that they have very little time for their partners. Without attention, you relationship will be nothing and sooner or later both of you will get bored. Always set priorities if you have busy schedule and make you partner understand them, have time for each other and strengthen your relationship

Not showing support

Everyone needs support be it financially, emotionally and even spiritually. It also starts by acknowledging the good things you partner have done for you; a simple thank you means a lot. Do not take anything he or she does to you for granted, be appreciating them regularly

Lack of trust

Trust in a relationship is very important; if you want a warm and close relationship, learn how to believe that your loved one is honest with you. Don’t be that kind of a person who follows up even the little details like asking for reports, looking through the emails and even messages, this is being insecure and it will make your partner feel uncomfortable. Unjustified suspicions might make your loved one feel compelled to do what they are being suspected of.

Being unable to negotiate

One of the reasons why most relationship ends abruptly is lack of negotiations. When you have an issue in your relationship, it is still advisable you talk about it before rushing into making decisions. Also do not solve anything while you are still angry, is better you wait for things to cool before talking them out

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