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Eight Hidden Secrets Ladies Are Afraid Off Telling Men

In today's article, we'll go over the most important secrets that women have, but are afraid to reveal to men, and why. Find out and don't forget to love it

 1. Bad relationship with mother In-law  A large percentage of women do not have a good relationship with their husbands' parents but most of the time they don't talk about it. They feel so insecure especially when the in-laws are around, especially the mother-in-law. Men tend to be very attached to their mothers, and most women feel the competition. However, they find it difficult to tell their husbands for fear of being misunderstood. 

 2. I miss my ex-boyfriend  Unlike men, women have a hard time moving forward after a broken relationship with an ex-boyfriend. love. However, they hide it because telling her husband could ruin the relationship.  

3. Having a secret admirer  Feeling drawn to someone other than your partner is very common and affects both sexes. Women also have people they secretly admire, but it's suicide to tell your man about such a thing. A woman would rather die than tell you about someone she secretly admires and may even take her to the grave. 

 4. The Need for Attention   Women are in serious need of attention, but they do not know how to ask for a man's attention and may end up silently dying. Sometimes they feel like a nuisance and how much they need you to pay attention to them, which they could never tell you directly. 

 5. Jealousy when their man is very social with other women   No woman likes a lot of women around her husband. They feel threatened in some way and may not like them at all, even though they may never tell you. It's even worse when the man does it in the presence of his wife. As a man, you should take note of this.

  6. When love has faded  A woman can go so far as to give up love, especially when she feels that things are not working out. A woman may have stopped loving a man for a long time but still, resists.No woman will have the audacity to tell a man she's married to directly that she doesn't love him and that she might even die without ever telling the man.  

7. Who likes to be pampered with gifts now and then  Women love gifts and just that kind of pampering from a man. She might have the money to buy whatever she needs, but anything given to her by a man looks different. This is one thing a woman may never tell you as a man because some may not want to become a nuisance to the man.  

8. Desperately for a man's attention  Attention is a woman's number one need besides gifts and pampering from time to time. They want a man to always be there to answer his message even in the middle of the night. Even when a man is busy during the day, he still wants you to text him to ask how he's doing. Women are always afraid to tell men about this excessive thirst for attention because it is also a man's number one weakness and sometimes men may think that attention is too demanding every time.  

What do you think of this article Do you know any other secrets that women cannot reveal to men no matter what? Share with us what's in the comments section below and don't forget to like and share this post too.

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