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Dear Men, This Is How To Make Your Woman Feel The Most Special

Some men have failed to please their ladies leading them to painful and bad heartbreaks. Dating is no longer for fun. Date someone you are sure of marrying. Someone who can make a good wife and raise your kids responsibly. When with her, she needs to tell the difference between being with you and staying with her friends. This begins with you as the boyfriend. Do her the following and she will feel special and favoured.

The first thing is to be romantic. Romance is not that complex, they are just the tiny little things that are barely done to a woman with other men. Make a step higher. Do something not normal to her. Call her sweet names, cook for her, flirt with her, touch her, bath together, hug her from behind and involve random kisses too. Some women highly desire for such to be manifested into their lives. They do feel good when you do such to her.

Once in a while, take her out. Go for movies, long romantic evening walks, swimming and hiking. During such events, take random pictures and videos. Make her laugh loud. Make her her feel crazy. Make her believe that atleast someone treasures her. Such are the dreams people need. Some activities will make you feel uncomfortable when done alone. Bring her along and she will feel special. It's now your role as a man to know what she likes and hates. It will help you to know the do's and don'ts.

Make her a priority in whatever you do. Make her come first in your life in terms of who to spend time with. Cherishing someone involves putting them first before others. When chances arise, tell her. When problems come, let her be the first person to know. That's the easiest way to make a woman feel special and feel she's the only one. Prefer her over your friends. Remember, you will marry your girlfriend and not marry your gang.

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