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Our Disabilities Brought Us Together After Being Rejected By Our Family Members

Speciose is a mother of 5 kids and she has painfully narrated her life story on how her family members and friends rejected her because of marrying a disabled man.

She claims that, she grew up and when the time of getting married reached, she faced a lot of challenges in his life,she was turned down by all men in her village because of her leg's condition , they all undereted her and called her bad names but she didn't lose hope in life.

She claims that one day she met with a man,they talked and after some time later, he proposed to her and she accepted his proposal and they got married and later they were blessed with 5 kids.

While she says that, both her family members and friends were against their marriage, they advised her to abandon her husband since he was disabled and he couldn't provide for the whole family.

They also wondered how he was going to make love to her because of his disabilities but she ignored them and went ahead and got married to him despite her husband been disabled.

According to her, is that they got married and later they were blessed with 5 kids who were all born healthy and normal but unfortunately they lost one of their kid.Speciose says that she will always love and respect her husband no matter the challenges they face.

While she claims that, she digs her neighour's farm in order to feed their 4 kids while her husband is always left at home in order to look after their kids because he can't walk for a long distance in order to search for a job.

They are now living a poor life since they are unable to pay for their kid's school fees, they have pleaded with the well wishers to help them with some money so that, they can buy food for their kids and pay their school fees and they will be forever greatfull.

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