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Never do these things when you are with your man

There are certain things that you must never do wherever you are with your partner. Here are some of them that you should stay away from.

1. Do not be shy about your own fantasies.

Men get turned on by the thought that their women think of them in ways that could be both different than usual and sometimes even forbidden. He would love to know what are the things that make you lose your mind, just by thinking of them. Make sure to never shy away from your own fantasies. If you want him to share his, let him know how just the thought of him touching you several places makes you wet or how you love certain types of things.

2. Do not fake things.

A man’s excitement stays up with your feedback, as to how you respond to his touch, the way his skin rubs against yours, how much you enjoy his lingering lips or fingers on your skin. Never fake any of these reactions in bed, especially never fake an anything. Men will somehow find out and it makes them insecure and hurt.

3. Do not be critical.

Do not be too critical of him. It is understandable if you feel a little less satisfied with him than you might have with some other partner that you had in the past. But never go over the line and compare him to someone else, even if he asks. Do not at any cost, let him know that his touch was not enough for you or compare it to someone else’s. Make sure you reaffirm him, tell him you love how he uses it and the feeling of it rubbing against you makes your eyes roll back because men love that.

4. Do not become distracted.

Do not get distracted by your phone constantly making noises from the texts that you receive or do not start talking about things here and there. Men often take that as a sign of boredom and disinterest. Make sure you are not the one making him feel that way.

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