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Here Are The Four Most Common Things A Woman Will Do To Attract A Man

Here are the four most common things women do when they like or love a guy and want the man to fall for them.

First, she will always try to call or text you all the time especially during the nights to check on you and converse over the phone with you. These calls usually go late into the night with one story following the other and always seem endless.

Secondly, a woman will always try to attract you towards her with her fancy dressings code. She will always make sure she wears the best outfit to make you see her or to get you to like her. She will also try to do her hair and makeup to the best of her ability just to look attractive so that she may attract you.

Women also love making eye contact and winking at those guys whom they get attracted to; however, most women don't do this either due to shyness or for other reasons best known to them. Whenever she looks at you and you look back at her she will always try to hide her face by turning the opposite side and giggle or she will just stare back with a shy smile.

Lastly, a woman will always get angry at you for no apparent reason. She will always pretend to be angry at you every time you try to talk to other ladies while she's around.

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