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5 Things You Shouldn't Have To Apologize For

Life is too short to make excuses for things you shouldn't have to apologize for.

Knowing how and when to apologize is one of the most crucial skills for building and maintaining relationships. Knowing what situations in your life need you to be accountable for your words or deeds makes life easier. Knowing when not to apologize is arguably more essential. Especially if you are a Black woman who has been trained to apologize for everything by society. One of the things we must unlearn in order to live our greatest lives is that some things are not worth apologizing for, regardless of what others may think.

It takes courage and a lot of boldness to live unapologetically. That's because standing in your truth and sticking to your decisions, especially when they're being questioned, isn't always easy.

It all comes down to motives, yet again. What influences your decision is important since it strengthens your case if you are ever called to defend it.

There are some things that we've been taught as women that we need to apologize for, but this isn't the case. One should never apologize for refusing to compromise on self-care and self-love. When you make a decision with your health in mind, you are making the best decision possible.

1. Being able to say no

Usually, when someone asks you for anything, they already know you're going to answer yes. Most people find it easier to agree than to disagree. You should be aware, however, that saying no should never make you feel guilty. Saying no is also a viable option, and you have the freedom to do so whenever you wish.

2. Establishing Boundaries

You must recognize your limitations for your own peace of mind. Your boundaries for how near people can get to you, how honest people can be with you, how much of your time is spent working, and who can enter your personal space, among other things. There's nothing wrong with setting limits and safeguarding your peace.

3. A desire for more

You should never feel guilty for believing that you are entitled to more in any area of your life. Everything! At work, in your relationships, in your friendships, in your academic life, in your finances, everything! If you want more than what you have now, you are not being ungrateful.

4. Requiring a break

When your body, mind, or soul demands it, take a freaking break. Take some time to reflect on your feelings, make decisions, or simply rest. That large job assignment can wait, as can everyone's plans that require you to stand. It may appear selfish to others, but if you need to take it out, do so without hesitation. Even if things break apart, the world has been known to move regardless of our actions, so everything will be fine again soon enough.

5. Eliminating People

Prioritize your tranquility once more. Don't feel bad about removing poisonous people from your life. Cut people out of your life who constantly make you feel lousy or question your worth. Even if your actions call for an explanation, you owe no one an apology.

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