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Do your Friends Tell You The Truth Or Do They Tell You Things That Massage Your Ego

Many times i tend to ask myself, are the people we surround ourselves with our truly genuine friends? or atr they just there because they are gaining something from us. Many people we call our friends am 100% sure cant turn up when we need them the most, but when things are smooth they feign to be more close than ever.

so to everyone reading this article i want you to always remember the people you call your friends can either make you or break you. They can help you achieve your goals and at the same time they can shutter your dreams. Am one person who beleives that your character is shaped by the peop[e you surround yourself with. A good friend is one who tells you the truth straight to your face when you are wrong, even the bible tells us its only a fool who doesn't accept rectification, so am urging everyone out there choose your inner circle carefully.

We all have these special friends who stick eith us through thick and thin, always keep them close, they are rare to find

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