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She said Yes, But is not Replying to your texts (3 Reasons)

She said Yes, But is not Replying to your texts (3 Reasons).

Guys, so you have beem wondering why a woman who you once approached and proposed to, whose answer was a YES, nowadays do not reply to you.

Do not worry because you have got the right answer to everything that you always asked yourself.

We are going to give you all the information that you need including the reasons why she might choose to avoid you through text.

We understand how worrying it can be to find out that your text are never replied no matter how painful or sweet they are.

But since it is now the reality, here are the reasons why it is happening the way it is:

1. She is not good at chatting.

Well, we have different types of people with different interests. So you should never expect someone to have exactly the same taste as you.

It is good you understand it clearly that you are not the same after all and it is by nature that you two met and started a relationship.

So, in case you find out that she is not so much into texting, try calling her or looking for her physically and see her response.

We hope that will relieve you of so much stress of trying to understand things that are not there.

2. She is Facing some personal Issues.

Sometimes we go through a lot that we never even wish to share with anyone no matter how close we are.

At this state of mind, it becomes difficult to keep a conversation going simply because we are bored and we don't like disturbance.

In that case, the reason as to why she might not reply to your texts is because she wants some peace of mind alone.

Try looking for her physically and discuss the problem together. At least that can help relieve her of her thoughts.

3. She gave up on you.

The other thing that may lead to her not replying to your text is because she gave up on you already.

Maybe there is some point in the relationship when you decided to show her your weaknesses.

And because she could not take it in, she decided to give up on you and now it means, she does not have your feelings anymore.

The solution to this is never easy for most of the guys, simply try looking for her to solve the issue physically.

But if finding her because difficult, now the solution is to move on as soon as possible. We hope it makes sense to you.

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