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6 Behavioral Signs That Your Man is Really in Love With You, Otherwise, Forget About Him

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1. He really listens to you and pays attention to you.

You should always be thankful for having a guy who really pays attention to you. If he shows a willingness to listen to you all the time, then that means he doesn't take you for granted. He wants you to know that you are free to express yourself to him the way you want. He always wants you to feel safe to open up about whatever is on your mind and in your heart.

2. He shows a willingness to make sacrifices for you.

A man who shows a willingness to make sacrifices for you is truly a guy who is greatly in love with you. It shows that he genuinely cares about your needs and he's willing to give up his own needs for the sake of pleasing you.

3. He allows himself to become vulnerable towards you.

You can tell that he loves you if he allows himself to be completely vulnerable towards you. A man isn't typically going to allow himself to be weak infront of anyone unless he's completely comfortable being around them. And that's why it's always a good sign when he is allowing himself to open up to you in ways that he doesn't with other people.

4. He makes you feel like he's really proud of you.

5. He really fights for your relationship.

6. He doesn't walk away from arguements with you.

Generally, if your man doesn't show either of the above mentioned things, then there are greater chances that the man is playing you with other women and in that case, he doesn't love you from the heart. He is a pretender.

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