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Do this if a girl looks at you

You may lose some golden chance s when a girl looks at you beacause you doubt yourself. Here are the steps to follow if a girl looks at you.

1. Analyse the situation

Take a look at her, what she is wearing ,who she is with and use that as a demo. Try to configure what is happening around her as this will gain you courage on how to approach her .

2.Never wait

Relax for ten seconds before you approach her, dont wait her to approach you. The longer you wait the higher chances that you never see her again

3. Be confident

Don't act like you are shy or insecure,if you are a little scared take a deep breath and gain some confidence, act like a guy in charge of her life

4.Dont be cocky

Don't act like you are the best,be friendly and nice to her, especially if she is with people you have to be respectful. Don't act like a cool guy who is good for every person.

5. Don't hesitate

Don't be wondering if she is looking someone next to you,just act like she was cheking on you, be very confident on yourself and avoid doubting about yourself

6. Be okay with the rejection

Go over ther and say hello, if she say's "i am not interested " just walk away, be okay with the word no.

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