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"My Parents And Siblings Rejected Me And My Kids, Today I Own More That 6 Plots Of Land " Maryanne

When Maryanne ran away from her husband she went home to her parents. It was the only place she knew she could find peace but what she found was pain and more pain. Since Her mother was married to a man that wasn't her father, her sisters were recruited into hating her by their dad.

When she went home, her sisters mistreated her kids and even at some point threw away her months old daughter leaving her on the road alone.

The hate extended from the dad to the mum and to all her siblings. They would Cook food eat and leave her kids starving.

After she saw the life her kids were going through, Maryanne chose to go outside kenya to try find a new life. She shared the thoughts with her mother, who instead of helping stole her ID forcing her to apply for a new one and even after she got the new ID, her mum refused to provide her ID when she was applying for a passport.

Luckily, she was able to get a passport and She left her kids with her mother in law and left for Saudi Arabia. The money she got from working there, she sent to her Mother in-law who misused the money and left her kids suffering and the rest she sent to her brother in-law with the hope that he would buy her land so that she could have a place to come back to after coming back to kenya.

Funny thing, the brother took advantage, told her that a plot of land was worth 280,000 while it was actually costing 180,000, and even after she sent the whole amount if 280,000, the brother in-law only paid 39,000 and used the rest of the money.

After she came back and found that she had spent two years in saudia for nothing, she didn't give up she applied a visa and she git ine, to go to Bahrain.

In Bahrain, she has managed to buy 6 Plots of land and right now her kids are having a good life in a boarding school.

She also became a musician and has alot of pending projects.

To her, she is grateful that God has turned her ashes to beauty.

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