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Can money buy love?


Love is one of the greatest feeling a person can experience  in life. Being able to love is very important when you need happiness. Some people aren't into love just like other people do, although. As we all know people are different and they all have an outstanding motivation in life. Others are more concerned in making money and thus financial success is of importance compared to their love lives.

Deciding between love and money should be a thoughtful thing in life that makes a difference. You need to be able make decisions in your life. If you are thirsty of happiness, then the path you take matters alot because every decision you make should lead you through the right road. Take a moment and reason with your conscience is it finding love or making money?(your decision to make). This helps you focus and at least clears the confusion around your goals.


Balancing your life is the key to being truly happy. Focusing on love with your career on line is something so difficult. There is a quote says, "Love can't pay bills." This quote applies in most life succumstances and thus the need to earn enough money so that you can live a stress less future. Regardless, it is destructive to pursue financial success at the same time valuing your own happiness.

Us humans are social being by nature and therefore we desire love. We all need attention, thus the need to be loved but love can't be aquired by seeking or simply by making a bunch of money. Financial success is admirable, and it's very important be financially stable. It's very crucial to understand the importance of money and true value of love.

If you had to choose between money and love, then love would have been definitely the answer voted for. Who knows?. Actually the choice is really up what you give as an answer since is the right one. What is important in life?(thought of the day). If money is truly the most passionate thing in your life, well that's up to you.


"money can't buy love" this quote actually is quite true. People might come running to you if you just became rich today, in most situation it wouldn't be because they truly love you. Money isn't going to comfort you when you're feeling down. Even if it might be as comforting as you say it does, it won't be as satisfying like having someone to share your opinion with.

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