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7 Things That A REAL MAN MUST DO To a Woman if He really Loves Her.

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1. Respect the lady.

Not every man can respect a woman. A real man must treat his wife with due respect and should not in any way demean her.

2. Make the woman feel like a queen.

A man has the responsibility to compliment the woman he love every now and then and treat her like the only queen in his life.

3. Give support to the Woman.

A real man must stand by the woman he love and push her to achieve her dreams.

4. Show love to the woman.

People get into relationships with various intentions. However, a real man should be in a position to show love at all times to his wife or girlfriend.

5. Trust in, and remain faithful to the woman.

Marriages are breaking everyday due to unfaithfulness. A real man should remain faithful to his wife at all times.

6. Make sacrifices for the woman.

Everyone has their life to get busy with. Sometimes a man need to sacrifice his tight schedule just to spend time with his lover.

7. Listen to the woman.

Every woman's dream is to have a man who can listen to her worries, concerns and updates about the happenings in her life. A real man should spare his time to listen to his lover without complaining.

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