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Why You Should Work To Ensure Your Children Will Never Beg For Bread When You Are Dead And Gone

Robert Burale who is a renown Kenyan relationships and life coach, in his video, advised men and women to utilise their time well when they are still alive. He said they should work on building a strong foundation that will ensure their children will never beg for bread when they are dead and buried.

Burale is of the opinion that your immediate family members will abandon your spouse and children immediately after you are buried. He said, "On the day you are buried, your brothers, sisters, aunts and all your close family members will make empty promises as to how they will never abandon your children and spouse because you were their great friend and you even helped them in their times of need, but a few days after your burial, they will even refuse to pick calls from those you left behind."

Burale is of the belief that while we are still alive, we should never squander an opportunity that will help us build a strong foundation for our families. He said, "Make sure you build a foundation where your children will never beg for bread even when you are dead and gone."

Here is Robert Burale's insightful video link showing what he had to say about preparing yourself while still alive.

Video Link:

What are your thoughts about this topic? Is it true that your immediate family members will abandon your children and spouse after your burial? Share with us in the comments section.

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