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How to flirt with a woman while looking at her

Flirty eyes can be your best weapon while trying to catch women’s attention.

1. Keep your stare as casual as possible.

This is very important because you do not want to make the her uncomfortable. So make sure that you stare at the woman who interests you casually, every now and then. If you steal glances and keep checking her out with your eyes in a relaxed manner, then she is bound to notice your presence.

2. Make eye contact with the woman for a brief while.

Once the she starts noticing you, wait for an opportune moment to make eye contact with her. The moment you feel her looking back at you, you can purposely make your eyes meet, at least for a brief while.

3. Scan the room and come back to her.

After you have ensured that she is aware of you staring at her. Slide your eyes across the entire room while she is still looking at you and then settle your eyes back on her. This will be your way of letting her know that she was the only one who was able to catch your attention in the whole room.

4. Do not forget to smile while staring at her.

Flirty eyes plus a sly smile is a deadly combination enough to capture anyone’s heart. When you both lock eyes, make sure you give her a genuine, flirty smile to make your attraction evident. Appear busy but lock eyes with her then look away smiling. If she is interested, she will smile back. This is how you will know that eye seduction is working.

5. Blink an appropriate amount.

You do not want to seem like a creep who does not blink. So make sure you blink an appropriate amount. The more you blink at her, the higher your chances of catching herr attention but do not over blink.

Content created and supplied by: youngniggar (via Opera News )


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