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Signs that your Man is not over his EX

1. He can't stop talking about them

You might find your man involving their ex or mentioning his ex in the middle of a conversation or mentions them a lot.

2. He carries a lot of anger towards them

It may be that he gets angry about things his ex did or lashes out when something reminds him of her, this is a sign that he hasn't fully moved on from the relationship, emotionally speaking.

3. He is still 'Friends' with them

If they spend time together with their ex, even in a friendly capacity, one of them may be clinging to their old feelings or if they still text and call, follow each other on social media and keep up-to date with each other, it's okay to find this weird.

4. He makes comparison between you and them

It may be a positive or negative way, but all in all comparing your capabilities this might be a sign he can't accept the reality, that's why he is always thinking about you and her while doing such comparison.

5. He still got their things

This is where you find photos or clothes still not returned or thrown, this is a clear indication that your boyfriend hasn't moved on, yet that's why he still keeps their things.

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