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Why do lovers freeze their last seen on social media platforms?

Social media has made it easier to access people's character through what they post. It is much easier to know what someone experiences or goes through what they update especially on their WhatsApp statuses. For instance someone who has undergone an heartbreak will keep posting crying emojis and sad captions. Nowadays, majority of the people not only hide their last seen on WhatsApp but also disable the blue tick and typing mark. But this doesn't mean that they are rude or bad people. However people have these setting because of two things: privacy and secrecy.

Some people freeze their last seen because they don't want others to know about their whereabouts. Majority of these people are introverted and they value their privacy. They do not hide their last seen but also block their family members from seeing their status updates.

on the other hand, most people also hides their last seen to mask malicious demeanor. Research reveals that most respectable and honest people do not freeze their last seen on WhatsApp. Although people have their own reasons of freezing them.

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