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Important things you have to know about your partner before marriage

Marriage is a very critical thing which should not be taken so lightly. Lifetime is huge being with someone who is stubborn as you will only end up getting chronic diseases. You should try and understand your partner in the following ways before entering into a hell fire

1. Religion

Religion can break your marriage into hundreds of peaces if lightly taken. Before you say yes I do you should know the religion of your partner. If your relationship then you should plan who will shift to who before entering into a lifetime relationship. Failure to do so will lead to problems in your marriage later then breakup follows .

2. Children

You should also ask your partner how many children they would like to have. Its very easy that your partner doesn't want any child at all but you want three. Now the problem comes after marriage if you never discussed about that topic during your courtship

3. Where they would like to leave

Take an effort of asking your spouses where they would like to spend their time in. Maybe they don't like where you stay then comes the marriage and the problem starts. So try to know if they are comfortable in your place or they would like to move to other areas

4. How many Wives they would like to have

Ask your man if he will want to be monogamous or not. Most people do this mistake by not asking their men whether they would like to have more wives only to be surprised when another wife is brought out

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