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Reasons Abortion Is Common Among Teenage Girls (Opinion)

Abortion is the use of force to terminate the life of a developing baby inside a womb after which the baby dies. Abortion can be done either at home or in the hospital using different objects.

It's usually painful to see a life of an innocent baby come to an end. The baby does not know anything going outside the environment he or she is. However, there has to be reasons underlying every aborted baby. In this article, I have come up with some of the reasons why women or even ladies do abort their babies.

Relationship problem.

People do fall in love and the love ends up to be a relationship. With time the lady realizes that she is pregnant. She breaks the whole issue to her boyfriend of which he turns down the whole thing. He claims that he is not responsible for the pregnancy. The lady get stressed up, depressed and finally having no other option aborts the baby.

Health Issues.

When the mother's health is at risk, the possibility is that the baby is likely to be aborted in order to save the life of the mother. The mother will still have chance to get other children. So its better to save mother's life and endanger that of a developing baby.

In Order to avoid public Harassment.

Most ladies get pregnant unexpectedly especially school going girls, they just find themselves pregnant and unable to explain how it happened. When their friends, neighbors or even relatives came to know this, they will gossip around and speak I'll of the pregnancy that's why you will find most school going girls do abort their babies. They are embarrassed and unable to face the public.

Financially unstable.

Every child come with his or her responsibility therefore the parents needs to be financially prepared to welcome the baby into the world and take good care of the baby, without all these, you will find that women or ladies find themselves terminating the life of growing foetus inside the womb.

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