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What It Means When A Lady Wears Waist Bead

Waist beads play an important cultural role in African communities. They symbolize a certain or specific meaning in different tribes or countries.

It is important to know their meaning before you start wearing pearls. Pearls in Life date back to the 1970s. Countries like Nigeria used them to identify members of the royal family. The beads at the waist are handmade and we are unique; the size, shape, length, color and pattern were different.

This made it possible to identify a person's marital status. Some people think that waist beads are tools that women use to attract men to eat their money.

African countries like Ghana and Senegal regard pearls in life as a symbol of fertility, identity and well-being. Nowadays women use beads on their waist for some strange reasons like fashion, cultural heritage, they measure their height to determine if they lose or gain weight and finally use them during cultural dance.

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