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Items You Should Never Share With Anyone

Most of us love sharing. It feels amazing to share. There's love in sharing. But there are times when that love can get you into real trouble. That is when it comes to sharing personal items with another person. We have all gone through that stage in life, where we are taught about our personal items, and what we are not supposed to share. But while some people choose to ignore that precious advice, the list of items we are not supposed to share keeps getting longer. So, other than secrets, below are some other things you should never share with anyone:

1. Bar soap

But wait, isn't soap supposed to clean itself? I mean, we often use this excuse, and just use another person's soap, or let another person use our bar soap. Depressing.

You should know that microorganisms cover a bar of soap after each use. I am not only talking about the harmless microbes, but also some very dangerous viruses. This is not the worst yet.

Did you know that when the soap lies in a wet soap dish it can cause some serious infections? Yes, that is because moisture creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Therefore to reduce the risk of infection, it is advisable to use a liquid soap from a dispenser. It is much more healthier.

2. Towels

Sharing towels is pretty common. But this is a habit we should stop. The towel is a breeding ground for germs. Especially when it hangs in a bathroom with high humidity, don't trust it.

Does your towel smell musty? If it does, it means that there is a development of mold and bacteria on the towel. When you use a towel like that, it can infect you with fungal infections and bacteria. This will in turn, cause rashes, acne, and conjunctivitis. Avoid this by washing your towel after about 4-5 uses and always let it dry completely.

This gives you another good reason to not share that towel. I mean, you never know if the other person washed it or not. Plus, skin diseases still exist, don't forget that.

3. Earphones

Surprising, right? Well, when you share earphones, it can cause bacterial growth in your ears. The risk actually increases if you use them during a workout. This is because that additional heat and moisture contributes to the development of the bacteria.

These are bacterias like; streptococcus and staphylococcus. They get in the ear and cause infections, boils, and pustules. Nasty. I think it's necessary to avoid all that, right? But some can't really help it. I mean, especially kids and teenagers. So if you still feel like you want to share this accessory with someone else, or borrow it, then wipe the earphones with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Now they are safe to use.

4. Nail cutters

Another item we often share, but don't think that it's harmful. We can’t see it, but there is a large amount of bacteria, viruses, and fungal microorganisms that live in our fingers and nails. This is what makes sharing those nail cutters be dangerous. It increases the risk of suffering from fungal diseases and HPV.

5. Ball deodorants

Ball deodorants can actually carry some serious infections. You can see how right? You usually use a ball deodorant on your skin, well, armpits to be precise. And we all know armpits to be sweaty. Now imagine the damage when another person uses the same deodorant on their armpits.

When this bacteria gets into small wounds, especially after shaving, you become sick. Fragrant deodorants only mask the smell. They don’t prevent the multiplication of bacteria.

How to avoid this? Simple. Always buy deodorants with antibacterial ingredients and don’t share them, even with your family.

Do you know any other items that are dangerous to share? Feel free to share your thoughts down below. Also like, share and follow my page for more interesting tips.

Content created and supplied by: Ngugimoreen16 (via Opera News )


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