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Husband and wife relationship

Woman Catches His Husband Red-handed Engaging in The Act With Another Woman in The Church's Office

Lydia Mugure, a lady who grew up in Naivasha, Nakuru county has confessed the difficulties she had while engaged with a man she thought would solve all her shortcomings. The mother of four grew up as an orphan and her grandparents had to take care of her, she was also forced to drop out of school while in form two, this is after she faced difficulty in paying her school fees.

Because of her situation, Lydia was forced to get married at quite a tender age. Her husband tended to beat her up and this always left her with emptiness in the heart. At some point she got sick and was forced to seek medical attention, it is from then that she realized she has cancer, later in August, she went for an operation but instead of her husband feeling sorry for her, he went ahead to engage in the act with her in front of the kids.

It was painful hearing from him saying that she will soon die of cancer and everything will be fine with him. After being in a relationship with him for a while, the man started going to church from 7:00 PM and came back at 10:00 PM, this tendency left Lydia smelling a rat and she started plotting how to trap him.

One fateful day, the lady paid an unannounced trip to her husband's church and that is when she was shocked to see her husband red-handed engaging in the act with one of the ladies who fellowship in his church. This broke her heart only leaving her with an option of calling it quits. She however urged women to shun away toxic relationships as they will only torture them mentally.

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