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Signs she never really Loved You.

Are you having thoughts about your ex girlfriend and wondering if they ever loved you? Do you feel a need to get closure on whether it was true love with this woman or if she was being dishonest about her feelings? If so, this guide is likely going to help you.

She did not want to compromise with you.

If she made zero attempts to contact you and offer to work on your differences to get the relationship back on track, the please take it from me, she really not loved you. After breakups, couples that truly loved each other, get back in touch and they on fixing those issues. However, she did not offer this because she checked out of the relationship a long time ago.

She never bonded with your friends and family.

If she never tried to get to know those important people in your life, despite the many times she had to do just that, she was not interested in knowing those people because she was not too interested in you. And if you truly had a chance to meet her friends and her family, it could be she hid you from them because she didn't want your relationship to be a well known thing.

Portraying a sense of relief.

If your ex girlfriend seemed happy and relieved after your breakup and acted like it was the best thing to have happened to her, then she never invested her feelings in that relationship. If she is feeling a sense of relief after a break up, it means she was forcing herself to stay in the relationship because people only act this way if they never loved someone.

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