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How to forget your ex

Breakups hurt. But what hurts most issues trying to recall all the promises you made to each other but now remain scattered like broken pieces around you.

Dealing with breakups is not easy . It takes lot of magic glue to heal a broken heart , forget your ex and make it easier to deal with your pain.

Here are ways to help you move on from your ex and go happy to being the happy person you were.

1. Give yourself time to heal.

•Don't indulge in aggressive parties, uncontrolled drinking and crazy makeovers, they won't help, one should just move on and open up or cry to let the pain go away and lessening your anger. Go back to your hobbies.

2.Do not spend time reliving the memories you had together.

What you had was wonderful but recalling the good bits will only keep you trapped in the past. You should destroy the memories and move on.3. Don't ask friends about his whereabouts.

•You should not ask his or her friends about your ex, this will hurt you more you should try as much as you can to stop stalking him.

4.Try to see the reality.

•While the dark gray clouds cover your head with sadness , try to find the silver lining. What seems like the end of the world is just the person who existed in your life.

5. Get rid of things reminding you about them.

•You should try and get rid of the things that remind you about them like pictures you took together and his clothes and perfumes.

6.Do not try to be friends with them if you still have feelings for them.

You should not be friends with your ex if you still have feelings for them because it may make you two to get back together and have more heartbreaks.

7. Learn your lesson from the end.

•One should learn lessons from the mistakes he or she has committed before moving on so that they cannot trip and full again.

9. Re_decorate your space.

. •redecirating your space will help you get rid of the memories you made together in your space.

10. Go out and see the world.

Going out to party or a girls night out or watching the sun set can help one relieve the pain. One can also go shopping for fun to avoid recalling his ex.

11.Cut am communication lines.

. •You should cut all communication lines and avoid visiting his social pages to see what he or she is doing with life. This will affect you even more.

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