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Signs that a Woman Misses you a Lot

Women portray certain unique signs when they miss someone special. If you see a woman doing any of these then she misses you.

1. She says that she is lonely.

If you are trying to find out how this woman is feeling, the best way to do so is to listen to her. She could even be sharing her feelings with you via public posts about how she is doing. If you see or read any information that says or hints that she is lonely, there is a big fat chance that it js because she misses you.

2. You see her at your favorite spots.

Whatever your favorite place could be. If this woman knows you well enough to miss you, am sure she knows about your little spots. If you show up to your favorite place and see her around, she is visiting this place to relive the memories you two have from there because you are on her mind and she misses you a lot.

3. She has been talking about you.

If this woman is talking about you, she is hoping that it will get back to you to solicit a reaction. She may even know the exact things to say to push your buttons. You are on her mind and she misses you.

4. She stalks your social media.

She is either super active on her social media or she is actively watching yours. She likes or comment on a post you have that is super old. This is a good sign that she misses you.

5. She randomly hits you up for no reason.

Whether you two are exes, acquaintances or just starting to date each other, the random message is always clear. If there is no point in the text, the point is that she misses you.

6. She starts doing things you like.

May be she has been exposed to these things before, specifically through you, so if she really liked them, she would have gotten involved beforehand. She js doing it now to try to get your attention. Maybe she is hoping you will want to reconnect through one of these activities.

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