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Relationships to avoid after a break up

Life seems better shared but sometimes changes occur. A break up among other traumatic events is definitely the worst kind of pain one should ever go through. It gets one to be extremely stressful mourning for the loss of a relationship and disorientation of the body and mind. After this individuals try hard to keep themselves together to maintain a strong and good public image when inside they can't bear it.

After a break up one could need to sort out things out and reconcile with their partners. Well here are some of the characters of partners you should not get back to:

1. One who needed to cheat to realize what they had.

Cheating is definitely a choice and getting cheated on is so devastating and disrespectful and can lead to one having a low self esteem, depression and major emotional distress. Once they cheat on and want to get back with you for realizing your worth in comparison to another don't get back with then, let them move on and learn to appreciate others.

2. Hurt you instead of you instead of protecting you.

In a relationship one could be hurt emotionally, physically and even mentally. This can be termed as toxic relationship. These kind of relationships have mutated into something that has potential, if not dealt with to extremely harm our well being. Both words and actions matter and a good partner should hold from hurting you either physically or with words, a good partner should protect your body, mind and emotions from harm.

3.Play the victim and always blamed you.

This could probably be a partner who is a narcissist and they mostly play the blame game because they believe they act and think in the right way at all times. These partner are eternal victims and will always blame you for the most obvious of their own flaws. Such kind of a partner will always keep you low and make you believe you are a problem and this could affect your social life, so be strong, refuse to play the blame game and fodge ahead.

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