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Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle With Love

Humans are hardwired to connect and form relationships. However, establishing and maintaining them is not always easy. While there are many people out their who seen to struggle with love, for highly it can be even more difficult. It might be easy for them to find solutions and figure things out -but, when it comes to love, many intelligent people more often fall short. Here are the reason ls why:

1 They overthink everything, as a result, the bad in a person outweighs the good and they end up concluding there's no point in starting a relationship at all

2 Intelligent people are generally very comfortable all by themselves. Infact, the more intelligent someone is, the more they value independence. Some believe, getting into a relationship will steal away their independence, so they try to avoid it, or atleast stay single for just a while longer

3 They are more suspicious: being very careful about selecting partners is a wise decision, but being too careful can be a problem as it leads to one being alone for a very long time

4 Instead of love, they prioritize their goals in life: intelligent people have dreams and plans that they set timelines to, and often drop everything else to focus on them

5 Beauty doesn't come first: another reason smart people struggle with love is that they place more value on intelligence than appearance

6 They have high standards

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