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Divorce Affair

Why increased divorce cases? Expert warns of the poor dating criteria.

Marriage counselor Benjamin Zulu warned people of the dire consequences of being driven by emotions rather than thinking in relationships. Many people are so much overwhelmed by the idea of having found their match and in the process forget their basic set standards. He argues that before beginning to search for your soulmate, you should have laid down non negotiable characteristic from the partner you wish to marry.

Before getting into marriage, make sure you have known each other in and out and you are more of best friends. Knowing your specialisations and the paths you want to follow in life helps a great deal in designing your future. If you rush to making decisions, you will realize how incompatible you are after sometime. Your differences become more clearer and well cut until it becomes unbearable.

There are other types of relationships that develop after one partner was financially available for the other in times of need. Avoid such relationships as time will kill them completely. If you were brought together by a problem, what happens when the problem is overcame? Well, the foundation of the relationship would have been killed and therefore love isn't there anymore.

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