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5 signs God wants you to be with some one

 A relationship is a way in which two or more people are connected. As humans we have relationships with one another but this time we are talking about relationships about a man and a woman. We all know God created man and most things are beautiful with him involved in the relationship.

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Most times when we are dating or courting our eyes are blinded from the reality of some things such as does your man know God, whether he is violent with you and this is understandable since love blinds us from seeing the reality. Most times when God does not let us be with someone he knows because he sees what you haven’t seen or heard but he knows what the best is for his own children. So let’s embark on the five signs that God wants you to be with someone.


The relationship glorifies God

A man that knows God and pursues the same characters and morals of a true Christian is a man that God wants for you.  A man who has the time to kneel down and pray, pursues you to seek God the more, and has conversations and activities that glorify the name of God and honor your mind and body is a man you should keep.



He is your answered prayer

When you make a genuine prayer and ask God to give you a particular man you prayed for in a relationship and you finally get this man he is God sent. In case you prayed for a loving, respectful, giving and caring partner and that’s the man you are dating believe me, he is God sent since he answers our heart desires. Please remember God created every single person on this earth and knows who is right for you


He makes you love yourself

Most times a god sent man will not judge you of your past but he will love you whole heartedly. He will make you feeling comfortable around him and confide in him without feeling that someone is going to judge. In most cases showing our vulnerable side takes a lot of time but when you are vulnerable and tell him the darkest secrets of your life and traumas then he is God sent.


 You make each other better

Let’s be honest dating a person can either add or subtract something in your life. But a man sent from God will add something into your life. This man will encourage you, support you and he will be your safe haven. Remember God cannot send you a man who will drain your energy and disturb your peace but he will lead you to man that edifies.

If he is the right man, he will support you when you face challenges and vice versa and the two of you will make each other better.


He respects you

Respect is one of the things that either mends or breaks a relationship. A man who is God sent will respect you not only in the way he speaks to you but also the time he makes for you. He will take your advice when he needs your opinion not shut you down during meaningful conversations. A man God sent will obviously take time and listen, respect and be loyal to hi9s woman.

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