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5 Ways of how to comfort your girlfriend when she is upset

1.Be supportive to her 

It does not matter whether you agree with her reasons of being upset.You should talk to her in acceptance by saying ,for example,"I know it is bitter but am sorry my love".If she is crying,take her to a private place and tell her that she is right in crying while wiping her tears.

2.Acknowledge the issue and express your feelings to her

You should say that you understand what she is experiencing and explain to her how you feel sorry about the matter.She will feel loved and will return back to normal.

3.Hug her tight 

You should hug her tight,talk to her with a submissive tone,in doing this,she will be emotional and feel that you care about her so much.

4.Try not to give her advice

You should not advise her because some people get more upset by advises.You should console her until she feels better.

5.Empathize and validate her emotions

You should agree with the reasons she is upset and give a solution,for example,she might have failed an examination.You should say, "I know that it is bitter failing an examination but next time you do better."

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