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Not Good for Me-A Disappointed Man Narrates Why he has Given Up in Relationships

Sometimes we decides to enter relationships with a lot of expectations but unfortunately we end up being frustrated by our partners not knowing what to do. It lead us to disappointments as partners turn to what we didn't expect them to be and leave us making funny statements like I won't date.

And it was as that with one man who took it on twitter to express his frustrations from his previous relationships. With his Twitter handle @rubenvasquez305, the man says he don't like to date as everytime he tries do so, he end up picking a wrong person who end up frustrating him.

He wrote:"I don't usually date but when I do. I date the wrong person".

They say a wrong person make you strong to find a good partner but for this man it means different and his decision of not dating anymore is a right one for him to have peace in his life.

Entering new relationship needs more understanding of the one you have decided to enter the relationship with and ensure is a right person for you to avoid much disappointments in future life.

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