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5 Reasons Why She Ignores You

5 Reasons Why She Ignores You.

After a short study, we came up with some reasons as to why a girl might decide to ignore you to the most.

This doesn't mean that she didn't love you before, it is simply because of the following simple reasons.

So after we sat down with our team and brought thoughts together, we found out that you needed to hear this.

That is why we are making this article available for you to get these points clear so that when a girl ignores you next time, you simply know why it happened.

We don't want to make it seem like, we are wasting time, here are the five reasons we prepared for you.

1. You turned out to be too needy.

When talking to girl, always make sure you don't give more than she is giving as this will only show that you are trying to make things happen which aren't there.

Most guys turns out needy without them realizing it. Let's say, you texted her and she took long to reply, you are likely to send another text to ask her, "Are you there?"

This only makes you look so weak and anything you do to her after words will seem to her as you are begging for her attention.

So never let a girl know the level of neediness you are holding even if you are needy naturally, just let her not see it in you.

2. Your intentions were unclear.

Remember this, the goal should always be, that you are trying to hook her up. And that is what you should always let her know.

The problem with most guys is that, they allow texting communication to go too far to an extent of them forgetting what they were supposed to talk to the girl about.

You should always make sure you let her know your intentions as soon as possible and see her response.

Without which you are likely to waste your time for no good reason. Preferably, let it known to her within the first 2 to 3 days of talking to her.

3. You didn't ask her out too fast.

What tickles in a woman's mind anytime you approach her is that, you want to date her. It is something that is always so obvious to the point where you cannot be just friends with a woman.

Unless she is a classmate, a sister or any other public relations, to her, high chances are, you want to date.

With this in mind, you should not waste time before asking her out on a date. Immediately you realize that her response is just too good, ask her if she would like to hangout.

If she says yes, then let her know your plans, and if incase she says no, then you should walk away from just as simple.

Remember, never waste time trying to convince yourself that she will change her mind, if a woman doesn't love you, then she doesn't.

Ask her before it is too late to do it as this might lead to you wasting time and ending up getting nothing.

4. She lost interest in you.

If you realize that of late, she has not been in contact with you, the best thing to do is to follow up and ask what happened?

If she can't explain what happened, then just know that she has lost interest in a way. Maybe, there is a guy who is trying to reach to her or something.

But this shout not make you worried, when a woman loves you truly, she won't allow other guys to waste her time.

That means, if she can tolerate other guys, then she is simply not settled. High chances are, she is no longer interested in you.

The best solution to this is to give her sometime and see if she will get back to you just too soon. If she doesn't, then move on.

5. She turned out to be too busy.

If at all, you ever text a woman and she gives an excuse as being busy. High chances are, she do not have your time.

Everybody spends almost a full day holding on their phones. This means, that she should be able to see a message you send immediately.

There is no point in delaying her reply if she would be interested in you. It will only mean that she isn't interested.

In this case, high chances are, you are forcing things that can never work out for you. So the best solution for this is, to let her go.

Do not waste even a single minute trying to convince yourself that she says the truth. This will only make you lose confidence in yourself.

So let her go as soon as you realize that she is taking "busy" as an excuse for not texting you back.

Those are five reasons as to why a girl might decide to ignore you. Hopefully, this article gives you a lesson to learn.

If indeed it came out to be useful, feel free to follow us for more articles coming through as time goes by. Like, share and comment.

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