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Is agape the best love?

As much as we always talk about relationships,we forget about this amazing type of love called agape.In simple terms agape is Godly love. God teach us on loving other people as he loves us.If you try to meditate about God you will be shocked of how much he loves you.He gave his only son to die for us.think this is exquisite and exceeding and other type of love.

God loves us unconditionally and it's manifested to us through every Day's activity.To start with,how do you manage to wake up?you know sometimes we take it for granted but it's not normalcy.We wake up,do our daily routines very well and the day ends That is God.

Sometimes you don't have to be a strong Christian to realize that God loves you, It's logical,sit down think about and you will realize that you are loved.

At times will feel like we are confined in a solitary place,we feel like we are not loved,we feel useless and wish we could die.But the truth is God is always with us, every second,trying to comfort us and that's why we conquer and win.

It's good to be greatful for what we have.If we human get time and to thank our partners,why can't we spend a little time to thank God for his love?He deserves to be glorified,He is a mighty God.

Just know you are loved,you deserve love and God loves you exceedingly.

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