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Wedding planning scene

The Best Color Combination for Wedding Decors

One of the best wedding decors or theme colors is pure white with a touch of light pink and blue. The tents can be in white as the flowers remain in light pink with blue table clothes. In such a wedding, the groom's men can be in white suits and blue ties with light pink shirts. The maids can be in dee blue dresses having light pink waist bands.

Another good wedding theme color may be purple and white. In this scenario, the groom's men should be either in blue or white suits with purple bow ties while the bride's maids can be in total purple dresses.

Another important color is gold. This color can be blended with several colors including yellow, blue, black, white, purple and even green. A touch of gold in a wedding is a sign of royalty and whenever placed together with the other colors, it forms a beautiful blend that suits a perfect wedding.

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