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Husband and wife relationship

A Woman Narrates How She Was Physically Abused By Her Husband A Week After Her Caesarian Surgery

Most women go through physical torture especially from their husbands despite their conditions, example she they are sick, they have delivered or any other circusmstance.

Mary, a 23 year old mother of one, was physically tortured by her husband, one week after delivery of their first born daughter Hannah.Mary narrates that this happened one evening when the husband came home very sober (he takes alcohol at times), and he grabbed her while she was breast feeding the baby over a very petty misunderstanding that they would have talked about and vome up with a solution, bearing in mind her wound was very fresh from caesarian section she had gone through.

She went though so much pain and she found no need of raising an alarm or talking to a friend or even a close relative because this had become the routine in her house.She had to heal the caesarian wound and the bruises from her husbands beatings.

A lot of other women like Mary go through the same tourture from their husbands and remain silent.They heal their wounds in silence because they think it is normal for their husbands to be doing that.

Women need to understand that no one is entitled to be physically abused or tortured by anyone even a close relative.They should learn to raise an alarm or report to the authorities or even talk to a close friend or relative about the matter to seek for a solution.

Men also need to learn how to respect their spouses and solve their family issues through other means apart from tortuting them. Rather than solving problems, domestic violence cause more and more troubles.Families need to learn how to sit and speak out, talk yo each other and look for solutions to their problems.

Like Mary, women should take responsibility of their lives and report such cases to the authorities before it is too late.

Say no to domestic violence

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