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7 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Coming Into A Relationship

1. Do I really love this person Or am I choosing him or her out of my loneliness?

Loneliness has made people go into relationships that they can never go into in the first place. The human need for companionship pushes partners to start relationships without love or understanding form both couples. Love should be a factor in a relationship if it needs to grow and not based on people's fear to be alone.

2. Am I completely healed and having no trust issues and no insecurities about myself?

People leave broken relationships with a lot of heartbreak and pain so extensive that they cannot be able to trust or stay loyal to each other. After a broken love take time to gather your life and give yourself time to mend and heal instead of carrying all that baggage into a new relationship. Being insecure can put one in a relationship that demeans that and they feel like they need the approval of a partner to be available in the current relationship.

3. Am I in happy relationship with my self or I want to be emotionally dependent on someone?

Emotional dependency is the leading cause of many bad relationships. Putting your happiness into other people's hands can break one completely. Learn to control your emotions on your own so that you do not go into a new relationship with a dependency that can make a new partner take advantage of you and drain you emotionally.

4. Is this person right for me in relation to My needs, desires, lifestyle, thoughts and compatibility?

Relationships are a mix and match whereby to be able to date and finally end up in a marriage, being able to accept and accommodate each other's needs and lifestyle is a factor in a successful relationship. Ask yourself if you will be able to change some aspects of your life for your partner and if all your needs and desires will be provided.

5. Do I still miss my ex or past with this person?

Many people like comparing relationships and what they don't know is that relationships are different and unique in their own way. Living in the past will only hurt your current relationships and if jealousy is added into the mix the relationship is headed for the rocks. Scientists have found that when you miss a person it is usually only the good parts of the relationships and not the pain and heartbreak associated with it.

6. Do I really feel so connected and compassionate for this person apart from physical attraction?

Physical attraction and infatuation can only take a relationship far. At some point as humans we love to interact and form attachments that are meaningful. If the only thing in your relationship is desire that can leave a big disappointment where a couple cannot share any interests to talk about.

7. Am I really ready to take responsibility of someone's life?

Taking charge of someone's life is a big step that can help couples grow or have their lives derailed. Question yourself on whether you are willing to be a part of somebody's life. They can also take charge of your life and ask yourself if you will allow it.

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