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Dear men, These Are The Benefits Of Marrying An Older Woman.

Can a 25-year-old man marry a 43-year-old girl?

Of course, YES! It's just now that you're seeing people in their 40's old. Wait till you get there and you will think anyone calling you old is insulting you. Age is a moving target-how old you perceive people depends on your age.

Besides, there is also no problem if a 25-year-old man marries a 43-year young lady so long as the man is able to give sound leadership in his marriage. We have dudes in their 20's who are more mature than guys in their 50's. Wisdomm is reflected in your choices. Not how much you know the life you live. Your life reveals your choices.

Age should not be a primary consideration for a life partner. Granted, most couples are almost age-mates with the man slightly older. But life is not a straight line. No path is definite. Everybody's journey is unique.Age is just a number, marry you type.

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