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If you Start Noticing These Things in a Lady, Please Marry her

Some men finds its so hard to be able to identify a lady who is now ready for marriage. To some extent most men fear to propose because they are afraid of heartbreak or rejection. This is the main reason why most men end up taking so long to propose for a marriage. As a man there are several things that can help you know if she is ready or you should just continue waiting. Its quite true that most ladies can't get the courage to tell a man that they want to settle with him but they can still give signs.

The first sign is that she will get to a point where she want to spend most of her free time with you. Even if she is so busy, she will always try to create time for you to enjoy some company together. You don't have to attend important occasions together, she will be happy just near you.You can hangout together or even spend some time in the house watching movies and so on.

Secondly, she will start to include you in her important decisions. When she want to do something important in her life, she will always ask how you feel about it. Your opinion will start to be valued in most her decision. Sometimes even the smallest things in her life will also need your approval.

When you start noticing that when she visit you, she always bring a gift and mostly something that can last for long then she is ready to build a home with you.A real ready who is ready for marriage will opt to bring you a thermos than to buy a cake that you will eat and forget after few hours. This show that she is now mature and ready for marriage.

Another thing is that you will start to notice that she is always concern with your way about and always ready to help you in terms of finances or even with advises. She will not be there just to give you hope but to also help you in any way possible. If you need to start a certain project and you don't have enough money, she will be there for you to help out.

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