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Seven Definite Signs Your Man Truly Loves You

1) He keeps away from temptations.

Men are usually visual beings. If a man is in love with you he would be focused on your beauty that any irresistible woman would not catch his fancy. If given chance to flirt with someone highly attractive, he will run away from it. This means he genuinely lacks the interest in other women, as he finds you the most attractive.

2) He does not give up.

He does not quit without a good fight. No matter what your relationship has, he will try his best to find a solution to solve it. He does not care what others will say. He always endures and he does not lose hope.

3) He respects you.

Real respect is a profound thing. It is a base upon which you can build a stable relationship with a genuine understanding of each other and your values. If he loves you he will never wants you to do anything against your wishes. He will maturely respect your decisions about your personal matters. He would honor your ideals and principles and never compel you to follow his own.

4) He gets jealous but knows how to control it.

To get jealous is just normal in a relationship because it is a sign of overflowing love. It is also a sign that he is afraid to lose you. However, a man who truly loves you will not be overly jealous because he understands that it is bad for you and your relationship.

5) He forgives you.

If he really loves you, he cannot stay mad at you for too long without regretting it. He will make the first move and apologize even if he is not wrong.

6) He tells his friends about you.

If his friends mention that he talks about you, you can rest assured that he is in love. Again, men are not all about expressing feelings and if he comfortable enough to tell them things about you, they know it is love so you can know it for sure now too!

7) He likes to give you gifts for no reason.

Chocolates, flowers, candles all those little pieces of affection. He tries his best to win your love by giving you little gifts for no specific reason. Cheaper gifts coated with love are his way to show he really cares about you.

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