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The ways Of Loving Her With True Love

Living together without a true Christ mind set, can to miserable... and pledging vows to love and honor can be nearly impossible...

This becomes more evident in stressful times, when one spouse is pulling all the weight...or after achieving lofty accomplishments as the other a mate watches enviously, jealously and with contempt...

Always show love and the respect to those that you value must so that they can feel much appreciated

Of course your glad for one another, but we must make our mates feel apart of our growth...never leaving them behind...meeting cash targets, material wealth and other worldly goals will not be a substitute for the emotional excluded soulmate...and it will absolutely hinder all forms of happiness...

In the almighty name of Jesus, prepare us Lord for success and completion, and never let us be separated by success or failure In Jesus Name!!!

Always trust God he will never disappoint you in any way he is a true God ,keep on following us for more updates.

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