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7 Things in a Relationship that Determine how long it will Last

Behavior in stressful situations

There are a lot of stressful situation we face each and every day as a human beings. To partners, they need each other most in these situations and the way your partner may react during such moments matters a lot. Such situation may lead us to making rash decisions, it is important that both of you complement each other in reaction so as to avoid rash decisions that might be harmful

Ways of thinking

It is important not to make a decision for someone simply because you and your lover are adults and self-sufficient individuals. You all have your opinions, views and interests that might be different or even the same. So never forget that your thought and those of your partner’s are not identical so do not pretend that you can easily read their mind, let them have a choice too in their situation.


As I have indicated above, never assume that you can read your partners thoughts; always be open to share your feelings and ideas with your close ones. If you need something from them do not let them keep guessing and wondering what it is, just ask and may be you will have an agreement

Personal space

We all require some personal space to do and think about other things apart from obvious ones. If you spend all the time with your love, then everything will become a routing including them. Encourage each other to develop hobbies and use them to connect and create memories, happy memories keep the relationship strong

Relationship with friends

Friends are very important in our lives especially those who we grew up with. Pushing them away means losing something vital, if you love your partner let them meet their friends even if you are against the idea, this behavior indicates how mature and caring you are.

Relationship with relatives

Relatives are the most important more than friends if only you have a good relationship with them. You should understand that a good relationship with your partner’s family will strengthen the relationship between the two of you. However if you don’t have a good relationship with your partner’s family this might affect your relationship in one way or the other

Healthy quarrels

If you are dating someone and you decide to sit down with them and talk about never quarreling in your relationship, then the first argument you will have might be the end. Quarrels and arguments are parts of a relationship the only way to deal with them is by solving and discussing about the issue

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