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How To Save a Breaking Relationship

1 both parties should lower ego

One of Tha greatest problems with relationships is that both partners have ego. If partners would put their ego aside and decide to accept their mistakes they wouldn't have to break up because of petty issues.

2 forgive your partner

Sometimes people overeact over petty issues that end up separating them with their small partners for example small's oky to be angry at your partner who wronged you but don't you think that it's even better forgiving someone you love?

3 Accept faults

It's so immature to keep on blaming each other for the failure of the relationship instead every person should be mature enough to recognize their mistakes and admit it to the partner. Love isn't one sided thus their should be efforts from both partners to keep the bond strong.

4 sort issues privately

Some relationships don't have privacy because once their is an issue the public must know. Some go to social media and throw words at their partners exposing their weaknesses. Is that really necessary? Well the best way is sorting out issues privately and as two mature people.

We should always remember that we will never get a perfect person but instead we should try and make our relationships perfect.

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