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4 Diseases That Can be Transmitted Through Kissing One Another

In today's society, kissing has become the most frequent manner of expressing your love for your lover. People nowadays can kiss anyplace without being embarrassed by the fact that others are observing them. Kissing has certain health benefits for our bodies, but it may also be a way for bacteria and viruses to spread.

According to studies, a 10-second kiss can spread over 80 million microorganisms. Anyone, regardless of age or gender, can contract a disease through kissing. Some of the diseases that can be transferred through kissing are listed below.

1. Herpes zoster, which is also known as "cold sores." It is spread through direct contact of damaged skin with an infected individual or through kissing on the mucous membrane.

2. Meningitis can also be passed from one person to another by kissing. It is transmitted via respiratory discharge, which explains why kissing is an effective method of transmission.

3. Mump is a disease that affects the salivary glands and is contagious. Coughing and sneezing droplets of saliva from an infected individual can infect a healthy person. Kissing contributes to the spread of the disease.

4. Influenza - when droplets from an infected person contact a healthy person, the disease is spread. Coughing, talking, or sneezing produces the droplets. Kissing is also one of the most powerful communicators. An annual immunization, on the other hand, can prevent it.

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