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How to seduce a man and make him yours

1. Be spontaneous.

Make him comfortable in your company with light hearted conversations that flow effortlessly. The key to seducing a man with words is to keep him engaged with your words.

2. Flirt with him.

For women, flirting is the safest way to express their interest in a guy they like. There are no magic phrases to seduce a man. You have to follow your gut and go with the flow. Instant pickup lines might seem cheesy but are great icebreakers. He will surely be flattered to get all that your attention.

3. Compliment him.

Use your observation skills to notice what you like most about his and shower him with honest compliments. Ask him if he is working out because he is looking fitter and muscular. Do not hesitate in expressing your admiration. Guys love compliments too. If he smiles and says thank you, then the magic of compliments is working on him.

4. Take a keen interest in his life.

Take interest in his life and understand his passion, hobbies, interests and personal challenges. Be a good listener when he is opening up to you. This shows your interest in him and his life. This move will strengthen your connection with him and fire up that chemistry even more.

5. Challenge his views.

Praising and agreeing with him all the time can make your relationship boring. To avoid that, employ reverse psychology techniques on him and challenge his views. See how he responds to a different point of view. Be polite and curious and see how this turns in your favour and introduces you to some of his hidden traits. At times, leave a conversation on a cliffhanger to see how curious and interested he is in you. Who knows, this curiosity can trigger his interest in you even more.

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