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Red Flags You shouldn't Ignore in Your Relationship

Here are the red flags you should not ignore whenever you see your spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend showing. It could be a sign of cheating

1. Ineffective Communication

The basis of understanding not only in relationship but also real life is if effective communication. When your communication is slow and almost non existent in some days, get to know the writings are on the wall.Also when you fail to get a message is a message in itself.

2. When he/she cannot allocate you private time. It should be in a common knowledge that you should make time for each other whenever necessary everyone become busy and avoiding having a time together it is surely a red flag.

3. Flirting - Flirting is a form of cheating, and if you are tolerating this, then when you get cheated don't ask where did the rain start beating you.

4. When intimidations and threats become a norm.

You should neither be threatened of being dumped just because you are not tolerating a weird. Know your worth and don't be afraid to express it. Never settle for anything less than your worth just because you fear being dumped. Stand for your right.

The last one is phone, with phone you can tell what is happening even without being told or getting to see evidence. When you find that your spouse phone is having password and they cannot allow you to have it for like 2 minutes then that's a clear signal you shouldn't ignore.

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