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How to build a strong and healthy marriage

Building a successful marriage is like building a home.It requires a plan and commitment to a lot of hard work.Getting married is still one of the most top goals of most people and having a partner is one of the only or most reliable source ofsupport, comfort and intimancy. Here are five essential building steps for a strong and healthy marriage.

1Build your marriage out of love

Real love requires understanding each other is needs and being willing to sometimes practice self-denial for the sake of your relationship.Love is patient and kind,it doesn't envy or boast and it's not arrogant or rude.

2.Accept each other is faults and imperfections

In marriage you have to learn to value each other and accept that we are not perfect.Make your marriage full of Grace.

3.Listen to each other

Good communication in any relationship is like water and sunshine is to to a healthy lawn. Good listening is like a the fertilizer that will go deep beneath the surface to nourish and enrich the soil.Couples who communicate well understand that active listening ingredientin their marriage . When each person in marriage feels heard and understood,the couple draws closer to each other, intimacy increase and commitment to one another and the relationship is strengthened.

4.Forgive often

Forgiveness paves the way for healing and reconciliation in every relationship.In marriage,both individuals will invetably hurt each other.When we forgive,we give up our perceived right to punish or retaliate for the wrong that has been done to us.

5.Hug more

Most couples can hardly wait to get married to enjoy physical benefits of marriage.Hugging is an easy way to reconnect daily. When we hug or touch each other,the hormone oxytocin is released thus increasing our bond to another person ; it also lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

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