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6 Emojis to use when Flirting with a woman on text

Flirting with a woman can be in many different ways. You might choose to do it when you are having a face to face or online conversation. Use these emojis whenever you are Flirting with a woman online.

1. The iconic wink 😉

You cannot go wrong with a classic winky face emoji. Whether you are testing the waters or moving forward with full flirty force, sprinkling a winky emoji here and there is guaranteed to signal to your crush that you are flirting hard.

2. The eyes 👀

Your eyes really say so much. I like to use the eyes emoji when I am feeling bold and most often when am swiping up on a hottie's thirst trap Instagram selfie. No one knows exactly what the emoji means, but there is underlying sexual energy to it and am here for it.

3. The purple, devil smiley face 😈

Nothing says “I’m flirting with you” more than a little bit of this mischievous thing. Even if you are not saying anything outwardly sexual, tacking on one of these bad boys is sure to send the message that you are in a naughty mood. And if your crush was not thinking of you like that before, they definitely will now.

4. The pleading emoji 🥺

If you have stumbled upon the “I’m baby” memes, you know that playing innocent can be a subtle but effective way of flirting. The pleading face emoji is a favorite of mine because it can be added to any sentence and have the same effect. Your co-texter will look at you like you are the most adorable thing to walk the planet which you are.

5. The smirk 😏

While the smiling face with horns emoji sends the message that you are bad bad, the smirking face emoji is the way to go if you are trying to see how mischievous the other person is. Use this emoji whenever there is a feeling of friendly competition involved or when daring someone to do something. Just be prepared for the flirting to heat up a bit after hitting send.

6. The wink and tongue combo 😜

Part of the art of flirting is figuring out when to be a little discreet and when to be a little louder. And while the winky face is a sure fire way to let someone know you are flirting, adding a tongue can bring even more of a fun to your texting.

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