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Does The Age Matter When It Comes To Modern Relationships? What important stage do lovers skip?

Relationships have become one sticky issue in the society of late with issues such as age, financial status, education among others rising in that people ask whether this factors matter when it comes to relationships.

Age gap when it comes to relationships has become an issue where some people believe that as there is love, age becomes a non factor while other believe that age matters a lot and in their opinion it matters because age comes with maturity.

Both schools of thoughts are correct in their own rights as people have different preferences. To some, dating a partner who is way older than them is their thing while other prefer dating a partner who is maybe a year younger or same age. One cannot fault either of this kinds of people for their personal preferences.

In my opinion, for a relationship to work well despite of age and other factors, there is a factor that lovers should consider for a healthy and long lasting relationship.

This is that the lovers should start as friends, this helps them discover each other's preferences or what is called likes and dislikes. This creates a foundation for their relationship.t

They should start becoming be closer in that they meet and have conversations on what one hopes for in a relationship so that they can create a common ground. It also helps them know what they expect from each other hence in the future they shall not blame each other.

This stage of friendship also enables them to create trust in between them as they converse and open their hearts to each other on what they hold dear. Trust is not given on eye contact but it is earned hence as they grow together they get to build trust.

Trust leads to them being able to discuss even the topics that each of them feel uncomfortable to talk about. They also get to open up on their secrets which solidifies their bond.

If lovers start as friends they get together build from one stage to another and hence they love each other not based in a crush but based on who the person is character wise.

Good relationships don't just happen. They take time, patience and two people who Truly want to be together...

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